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Killer Headlines Wizard Training

On this webinar we'll cover how to come up with amazing headlines using a brand new wizard.

You can use these techniques to create the best headlines fast, use proven formulas to create those headlines, and increase your conversion rates on any sales copy!

Heck, I even show you how to quickly do split testing so you can massively improve your results!

In fact, here's just a sample of what we'll answer for you / cover on this incredible webinar:

  • What makes a great headline?
  • How do you come up with great headlines fast?
  • The difference between HOT, warm, and cold traffic (and how it dramatically affects your headlines)...
  • Why headlines are the single most important part of any sales piece...
  • All the different places and purposes you can use headlines for to get amazing results (it's not just on top of sales letters)...
  • The #1 mistake people make with headlines (and how to avoid it)...
  • The top MYTHS people believe about headlines (and what to do instead)...
  • How one headline increased sales by 500% in less than 10 minutes...
  • How you can instantly put what you learn into action in your own business...
  • Why creating great headlines is the TOP copy writing skill we all need to develop (and this new wizard makes it 100X easier and faster)!
  • ... and much, MUCH More!


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"Jim, DON'T CHANGE YOURSELF! In this age of constant internet launches, all of the top Guru's (excluding Jimbo) have become WOTI's! Which stands for Whores of the Internet.

I can't trust any of these Guru's anymore because they tell me they are helping me out and then I see them and twenty more just like them trying to SELL me into the latest, greatest launch. But when I get something from you, to me it's honest that YOU believe in what you are doing and I feel that you have MY best interest at heart.

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- John Nettleton
"Gold" Member Since January 21, 2009

Here's Exactly What You Get In
Your Fast-Track Training Modules

Fast Track Module #1: How to Set Up your Business and Target a Rabid Niche Market full of people eager to spend money with you and join your list

  • The right way to structure your business for maximum profit and target a group of people ready to BUY from you Now!...

  • My personal "Niche Marketing Toolbox": how to gauge market size, what they'll buy, who they buy from now, untapped opportunities, and more!

Fast Track Module #2: The Nuts and Bolts of Building Your Web Presence and how to deliver your content, take your customers payments, and get a subscriber list going FAST

  • My exclusive "Blog Profit Patterns" training that shows you how to make money with blogs several different ways...

  • Setting Up A WordPress Blog From Start To Finish, Including: plugins, themes, graphics, and more (in-depth, step-by-step mechanics)!

Fast Track Module #3: Create Your Profitable Sales Message that converts visitors into buyers without writing long, boring sales copy

  • "Quick Sales Copy Tips & Killer Tactics" that work - no matter what market you sell to and no matter what product, service, or information you sell!

  • "Creating PowerPoint Video Sales Letters instead of long, written sales copy" - others sell comparable information for $197 or more... we give you the real-world, actionable content here as part of your membership!

Fast Track Module #4: Create Your OWN Outrageously Profitable Products To Sell Online

  • "How To Use Rentacoder.Com (VWorker), Guru.Com, And Other "Lance" Sites To Create An Unlimited Supply Of Original Products You Can Sell Online" - we'll show you exactly how to outsource what you you need done to create as many products as you want.

  • "How To Create and Publish Your Own Outrageously Profitable Audio CDs For Sale... in as little as 90-Minutes!"

  • ... and much, MUCH more in the area of product creation!

Fast Track Module #5: Get Targeted Traffic To Your Website To Rake In Sales And Subscribers

  • We explain the exact in's and out's of getting targeted traffic to your websites using the fastest method possible...

  • This is a key topic and we get you on the fast track to as many targeted visitors as you want!

Fast Track Module #6: Grow And Build Your List Of Subscribers and paying customers for years to come

  • In this module we teach you the building blocks of "lead generation" - the foundation of building a targeted list you can use to profit from well into the future.

  • How to use to get new subscribers and customers to your business (and build incredible loyalty and credibility in the process)...

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Your Monthly Training Webinars

TNR "SILVER" Subscribers

  • LIVE Monthly Training webinar with the newest strategies and nuts & bolts mechanics to keep you on the cutting edge of what's working in online sales...

  • LIVE Q&A Monthly webinar where you get YOUR questions answered by me personally and you'll get everything you need to keep your business running full-steam-ahead...

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    • Downloadable MP3 Audios

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    • Process Maps, Cheat Sheets, Step-By-Step Checklists... and much, MUCH more!


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"All the products I've bought with which Jim Edwards has been involved - either as co-creator or promoter - all have been absolutely wonderful. They're such a welcome antidote to the rubbish that's sold online. Over the past few years, he is certainly a man who has gained my respect as an expert who delivers quality information for a VERY reasonable cost. And for someone like me who is non-technical, his support services are second to none."

- Dr. Jeannette Kavanagh
Melbourne, Australia


"...I'm super glad I'm a part of
this site -- no one's getting my spot!

 Hey Jim, I just finished watching MM #9 (I'm trying to keep up with your awesome updates --keep 'em coming, dude) and I can't thank you enough for all the real life, actionable information and strategies you're sharing with us. Kudos. I know you're a business person and this is how you make your living, but you're over-delivering big time. I'm glad to have discovered you, and I'm super glad I'm a part of this membership site -- no one's getting my spot!

- Lynell


"Talk about easy to follow, step by step..."

"Talk about an easy to follow, step by step, paint by numbers success manual! Jim laid it out so well even a Kentucky boy can do it! Another skill added and more bottom line, too!"

-Mike Sigers

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"Wow Jim, I only signed up for TNR yesterday & today I'm reeling from the impact of this awesome Mega-Lesson.

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This is so so cool. Between this and the traffic map of a few days ago, you've given us deep detailed information about the three main avenues of traffic, along with resources and an action plan to help us speed forward, and have presented it all in a few simple, clear, organized pages!!!


- Julie Isaac


"Delivers on the promise"

"Delivers on the promise and showed me how to take what I already have and turn it into money fast. Thanks Jim! "

-Terry Kozlowski

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"If you really want an info-marketing business and are starting from scratch, this is the blueprint. But TAKING ACTION is definitely key."

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"It sets you apart from almost
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"You're being so open and transparent about your results in 2009 was very helpful. It sets you apart from almost every other Internet marketer. The practical strategies were also very valuable."

-Dan Grandstaff


"EXACTLY what I needed to get
my business on-track

"This ...was EXACTLY what I needed to get my business on-track. Like most people, I keep a to-do list of tasks, but doing our checklists the way Jim showed us changes them from to-do tasks to a step in the daily-weekly-monthly yearly plan. It is so much easier to see the end result with this simple but brilliant plan."

-Patty Rutkowski

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